NOW Mobile - Mobile Wireless

NOW Wireless is the leading supplier of Mobile Wireless products with the highest volume of SMS/MMS gateways deployed worldwide. With our expertise in data communications our gateways are used in some of the largest mobile networks. Mobile Wireless projects include the implementation of a 3G data infrastructure for O2 on the Isle of Man and the new police tetra network using O2 Airwave where all police data communications run through our wireless gateways.

NOW Metro - Metropolitan Wireless

NOW Wireless has been involved with deploying city-wide wireless networks for over three years. Portsmouth, with over 500 nodes implemented across the city, has connected RTI systems, CCTV, VMS signs, and Traffic Lights to this secure, robust network. The large savings in ongoing revenue costs by reducing leased lines has encouraged several cities to run trials with NOW Wireless for similar networks.

NOW Distribution

The NOW Distribution division of Now Wireless supplies a wide range of SECURITY, WIRELESS and MESSAGING products and solutions through our 300 resellers. We are actively recruiting new resellers to sell our distribution products. Please call us for further information on the benefits of becoming a NOW reseller: +44 (0)20 8286 8080.



We distribute a wide range of security products including various VPNing technologies, firewalls and routers whereby solutions for any remote working requirements can be achieved. We also supply Proxy Servers which include options for anti-spam and anti-virus software as well as high-end security Quantum Key Encryption.



Products and technologies distributed by NOW include Lancom's wide range of wireless-enabling products that offer communications solutions for secure internet access, VPN network connectivity and wireless LANs. Our other products offer robust wireless network solutions for indoor and outdoor use and technologies for the implementation of wireless CCTV systems.



NOW also supplies email and fax messaging solutions. Merak Mail Email Server is a reliable and easy-to-use messaging solution offering a range of components and features depending on your requirements, features include options for anti-spam, anti-virus, instant messaging, groupware and webmail. Biscom fax servers offer enterprise fax solutions that help organisations to improve the efficiency of incoming and outgoing faxes.